Wednesday, October 27, 2010


My mind resists it, my soul aches for it. Creates quite the struggle within.
For the past 3 years we (I) have tried to maintain our family website with .mac. Since expanding our family to four, it has been more of a struggle to keep up with. So when the e-mail came saying that it was time to renew our website account I clicked the do not renew button.
But, since one of our family priorities is to keep our family/friends updated with things (being far away from many of you) and be a part of the "global community", here we are. Joining the ranks of "bloggers" was an easy choice. And hopefully this will be an easier way to keep up.
My promises to you, the reader...
1. post more frequently
2. try to not have such high expectations for each post (enabling more frequent posting)
3. attempt to create an environment that is fun to visit
4. allow for more interactivity
I've created a few different pages that will hopefully reach every type of person. The page you are reading from now will give all the "stories". What we're up to and such. The second page just tells about us. The third page is where we hope to create some discussions or just put our thoughts, ideas, etc out there for comment. The fourth is for you visual people. Pictures and videos so you can see how we've grown. And lastly will be a page dedicated to all that we find interesting and think that maybe you might too.
That's it...suggestions and comments will always be welcome. Let the fun begin.

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