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February 4th: Briahnna - Appetite & hunger. Not just speaking of food. Our small group has been discussing fasting recently and it has brought up a lot of musings about my "appetites". I seem to spend a lot of time/energy etc "filling" myself with things I can't figure out why I'm hungry for. For example, I waste hours on the computer just searching for stuff, reading people's facebook posts, etc. What drives that?? I haven't firgured it out yet.

November 29th: Briahnna - Christmas shopping is near completion. And now the guilt. Did we spend too much on unimportant things? Did we give to those in need as much as to ourselves? Are our kids learning that it is better to give than receive? What exactly do I want my family to get out of this Holiday season?

November 5th: Tim - Social Media. First of all...I love my wife. If it were not for her tenacity and determination, this blog (and it's other incarnations) would have gone by the wayside. I am glad that it has provided a way for us to stay connected with our family and friends all around the world. What I have realized is that like any tool, it is only as good as the one who uses it. So here is to Facebook, Twitter and Blogger...and new media.

October 27th: Briahnna- Family values. I've been thinking about this a lot lately. What exactly do we want to pass on, what do we want to focus on, what do we want our kids to think is important. Here are a few I've come up with for now. Spirituality, being a child of God, His creation. Love of beauty, in all its forms, art, music, the written word, nature. Compassion and charity. Simplicity. Hmmmmm, what else??

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  1. Hey y'all! Nice job on the new site. It looks great! Love you,
    Ian and Sally