Thursday, June 23, 2011

Just Fun

My past few posts have been of a more serious nature, more related to thoughts, ideas, musings, etc. This post is just a catch-up on the fun we've been having in the midst of all the thoughts, ideas, musings, etc.

It is officially summer as of yesterday but for us, summer began with Tim's last day of the school year. We are now completely on summer schedule. This summer we actually sat down and planned it all out in an attempt to be more intentional about our time usage ( I know, can I be anymore type A). Of course things have come up, plans have changed, but over-all it has really helped. We are trying to have a theme for each day of the week including science, the arts, history, community service and music.

So far, we've hit up the zoo (science), went through a lot of stuff for donation (community service), Tim started teaching Jadyn piano lessons (music), put together activity packs for the children's hospital that Isaiah was at as an infant and dropped them off (community service), decorated lunch bags for our church's summer lunch program (art and community service), not to mention our family camping trip near Savannah with our good friends the Furrs (science, history and music all in one!) With lots more planned of course.

I've updated the picasa sight to include pictures from some of these things if you want to check them out.

Here are some from our camping trip. Hope you all are enjoying summer too.

Oh yeah, and I turned 32 yesterday so Happy Birthday to me!

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