Monday, January 7, 2013

Cynical Realist VS Dreamer Idealist

I know that there are many out there who think that making resolutions (or goals) for the New Year is a bit ridiculous but that doesn't stop me from doing it every year (and liking it). Take the last two years for instance 2011 Resolutions and for 2012 I was newly pregnant (and not happy) so I kept it simple with a status update on Facebook that said "Love more, judge less...listen more, talk less...give more, get more, watch less...outside more, lounge less...people more, computer less...others more, me less. That should do it for 2012" 

Each year the goals are very similar but I still love the idea of a fresh start (whenever that may be, mine just happens to be the New Year) and the opportunity each year to aspire to even more. I'd like to think that means the Dreamer Idealist in me is winning out over the Cynical Realist. (It also helps that I have an amazing husband who is willing to attempt all the crazy ideas I come up with.) 

But why share? For the obvious reason: accountability. I like to succeed at things if you haven't noticed (first born) so putting these out there for others to see makes it more likely that I will in fact succeed. It's hard to take it back once it's out there in the webosphere.

Enough explaining, 2013 in a nut shell...

Family goal- utilize our resources so that the use of them is more appropriately in line with our values

Translation for now: We will not be buying anything "new" this year other than consumables. We've done this on a shorter term basis in prior years and have really benefited from it. Our inspiration initially came from Sally, my cousin, who was challenged to do this one year. We will also only be frequenting local/individually owned restaurants/coffee shops if we choose to eat out (Starbucks has procured way more of our money in 2012 than was necessary, darn those addictive holiday drinks). We went slightly buck wild while I was on leave from work and it is time to reign it in. Hopefully this will help us see all the wiggle room we have and open it up for God to show us where we can be helpful.

Personal goal- work on shoring up my supportive community

Translation for now: honestly, there were a lot of changes in 2012 that led to my sense of community being reduced to somewhat of a pile of rubble. I am ready to start cleaning up and re-building and investing in the people I have, starting with my sweet nuclear family and spreading out from there. I'll be doing a lot of praying to have some clarity about who and how. I do know it's going to start by me being intentional in investing time and energy into these people and making it a priority say over watching Downton Abbey (which did not disappoint tonight) or spending countless hours on some sort of technological device. 

So that's it. Just a few to focus on, not too lofty but hopefully enough to keep the Dreamer Idealist alive for the years to come. 

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