Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Saturday In December

Wake up (late, since Tim graciously lets me sleep in on Saturdays)...greeted by VERY excited kids...pour cup of coffee...start festive holiday activities.

~By 11am the homemade, potato stamped, wrapping paper is made and gingerbread house walls are up.

I got skills

~By 1pm the Christmas greeting is recorded and the gingerbread house roof is on.

Insanely happy

~By 3:30pm gifts to be mailed are wrapped and Christmas greeting DVD's are made.
~By 5:30pm gifts have been mailed and dinner has been secured.
~By 7:00pm family is fed, gingerbread house is complete, kids are bathed and jammied and Nonna is at the house.

~By 7:20pm out the door for Couple's Night Out
Success (on so many levels)

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