Friday, February 4, 2011

The Best Laid Plans

De-railed. That's the only way I know how to put it. January started out with such high hopes, dreams, excitement.

Then somewhere between the start of Snow-Mania 2011 and the loss/theft of my phone, those hopes and dreams got lost.

So easily distracted, defeated. Feels like the story of my life. Ideas only half realized, projects only half finished, books only half read and on and on.

I'm not one to blame everything on "the enemy" but this month it truly felt like there was a power out there working against me.

Now, with all that said I am ready to re-group. Give it another shot. I still believe that all those things I believed at the beginning of the year are possible. Maybe I just need a new approach. And being humbled as I have been I think it's going to need to start with some serious discipline. This week it will be in the form of prayer, fasting and meditation on scripture (thanks to The Outsiders for the reminders).
I have all the basics I need: truth, love of friends and family, and the promise of the Holy Spirit. If I can only hold tight to these.

Here's to February being infinitely better than January...cheers

And some January photos just for fun
5-6 inches
School closed for a week!

Skippy Jon "Jadyn"
Brunch Bunch Fare
Waiting Patiently

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