Friday, February 11, 2011

Thought Explosion

Are you ever just overwhelmed with "possibilities"? Give me an hour to myself (Isaiah is actually taking a good nap right now) and it is over. The only problem, always, is figuring out where to start. What is most important, where should my energies go.
As far as the New Years goals, I'm making progress.
~Read more...just finished A Brave New World, had never read it. Crazy! Pretty thought provoking.
~Be more intentional w/time & relationships...had 3 coffee dates this week with amazing women, hosted a brunch time a few weekends ago with friends, lots on the calendar already for Feb and March
~Be more active...tried out a Zumba class thanks to Thea and am now addicted. Though I can't fit classes into my schedule yet I've found some awesome YouTube videos that keep me moving and grooving at home. Also, as a family we have taken up the hobby of Geocaching which if you have never heard of, you should Google. It has been so fun already and I think will be a great family tradition/hobby for years to come.
The others I'm still working on but I have a whole year right? One that is getting a lot of my attention is the "eat better" resolution. As I've mentioned, our little Isaiah has many food allergies and sensitivities which have sent me scouring the internet for solutions. Right now I'm looking into moving our diet from an american one to a more asian based one to scale back on the dairy. This is pretty huge since I LOVE dairy. But we'll see. I found a really great website that I think is going to help.
So I'll keep you all posted on that.
February started out promising as January did but this week Isaiah got really sick again. He has an ear infection and "reactive airways" (probably asthma) so we've been dealing with all that. His new little nebulizer "penguino" (it looks like a penguin) has helped. And we're trying not to let it get us so much off track again. BUT, if you think of us, please send up some prayers and petitions for healing and focus. Sorry no pictures, we've been a little lax in that area. Maybe next time.

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  1. Have you read 1984?
    Sally really wants to try Zumba.
    Tell the kiddos we said hello! (and Tim too :)