Sunday, December 2, 2012

Excellent Ending (a day late)

Jadyn has been learning about how to write stories at school and she has taught me that each story needs a bold beginning, a mighty middle and an excellent ending. So although the end of November has left me exhausted with very little reserve this is my attempt at an excellent ending. 

Since I dedicated a day of thanks earlier this month to our newest family member I thought these last few days should be about the rest of the members of my little nuclear family. I couldn't be more thankful for the people God has placed nearest to heart.  I also could never say enough of my love for them so these will just be the briefest mentions of one thing I have come to appreciate about each of them.

Day 27- A High Maintenance Son

A few months into Isaiah's little life we realized that we had gotten a little more than we had bargained for. (It didn't help that Jadyn had been a "non-baby") He didn't sleep for the first 18 months of his life. He was what I described as "needy". He needed to be held, rocked, talked to, sang to, etc constantly. And now that he is 3 years old, he still needs to be held, rocked, talked to, sang to, etc at times and I love it (but he sleeps now praise God). I hope that as he grows he will continue to need me to show him love.

Day 28- A Super Sensitive Daughter

Jadyn may not have inherited very many of my physical genes but she has definitely inherited my emotional genes. Although at times it can be rough I am so thankful that she cares so deeply. I believe it makes her a compassionate and passionate little lady. It also means that I "get her" in a way that others don't. I hope to help cultivate this precious part of her as time goes on and not stifle it.

Day 29- An "All-In" Husband

If you've met my husband you know he doesn't generally do things half way. When he is into something, he is into it. This means that he is able to have intense focus on certain things and really excel at them. The focus has evolved since we met, going from music to sports to politics to inclusive thinking, with many things in between. Right now he is passionate about inclusive education and raising awareness as well as providing resources. If you haven't checked out his website you need to, right now. Think Inclusive 

Day 30- Last List of Love
people that have read my posts, commented on them and encouraged me to keep going, that Tim still makes me laugh out loud, new co-workers, my welcome back banner at work, limited time ice creams (like the peppermint one I just ate), shopping on-line, Christmas cards coming in the mail, when friends know exactly what you need without you having to tell them (thanks Erin), funny new sitcoms, my nativity collection, the smells of the season like our cinnamon broom and fresh cut Christmas tree, Advent season, Friday and Saturday movie nights at work complete with movie theater popcorn, good books that don't make me think too hard, kisses, fresh food, hot showers, my boots from Nashville, healthcare, electricity, cute cloth diaper covers, being tired enough to fall asleep right after my head hits the pillow, coming home from work thinking that I did good work for the evening, laughter   

I'm glad I had the opportunity to see this month through. I've learned a lot about seeing the good in things I wouldn't normally see the good in. I hope the things I've learned stick. I am happy to report that our daily thankfulness seems to have affected our children in a positive manner. Isaiah approached Imogen the other day and kissed her on the forehead, looked her in the eyes and said ever so softly "I'm thankful for you". What more could I ask for? May I learn from his example and tell the people in my life I am thankful for them right then and there, every day throughout the year.

The Finished Product

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