Sunday, December 16, 2012

My Top 12 Albums of 2012 (In Ten Words Or Less...)

As you will see from this list...I may not be as varied in my musical tastes as I once was but I think this is a good cross-section of what my listening ears are enjoying these days. Here are my Top 12 albums of 2012 (plus some honorable mentions thrown in at the end) in ten words or less.

If you are so inclined...I have created a public playlist on Spotify. Please listen and enjoy.

1. Some Nights - Fun.

 Simply that. Fun. that doesn't get old.

2. Babel - Mumford & Sons

Lyrical and percussive intrigue in every song.

3. Gossamer - Passion Pit

Sarcastic, cheeky, and will make you dance.

4. The Carpenter -  The Avett Brothers

Songs you can hang your hat on.

5. The Peace of Wild Things - Paper Route

Beautifully crafted electronic rock from another world. 

6. The Lumineers - The Lumineers

Just try NOT to sing along. 

7, The Temper Trap - The Temper Trap

Layered vocal styling and 80's beats combine for excellent listening. 

8. Port of Morrow - The Shins

As usual, they deliver intelligence via melody and harmony. 

9. Rooms Filled With Light - Fanfarlo

Slightly off the beaten path ala Beirut.

10. Battle Born - The Killers

Sweeping synths and anthems abound.

11. Bloom - Beach House

Ethereal ear candy that gets better each time you listen. 

12. Transitions - El Ten Eleven

Instrumental power duo...sounds like eleven.

Honorable Mentions: channel ORANGE - Frank Ocean, There's No Leaving Now - The Tallest Man On Earth, Blunderbuss - Jack White, Passion: White Flag - Passion

Thanks for your time and attention! Merry Christmas y'all!


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