Friday, November 19, 2010


3 things, one post. (is this blogging gluttony?)

1. I once blogged about Jadyn telling us that she was "very awesome". Well that phrase has stuck in our family and every once in awhile I have those moments, that I am "very awesome". One of those was this week after I completed recovering our piano bench. I had been meaning to do it since we bought it with the hideous green floral print (no offense). And it turned out more perfect than I could imagine. It's the little things right?


2. Jadyn's class had their Thanksgiving Feast yesterday and quite the feast it was. I still am in awe of her being so grown.

Feasting Together
The Incredible Mrs D.

3. One of our family priorities is to raise kids who love to read. We re-vamped our front room this last weekend with that goal in mind and have expanded our bookcases to make a more library-esque feel to the room and I think it's working. Check out these little book lovers.

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  1. Very good job on the piano bench and I LOVE the idea of the "reading room" or the library you put in your house! I may just have to copy this if I ever stop working and redo the office. I like the idea of a library for the whole family to cultivate a love of reading!