Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Spontaneity Pays Off

We had a brief window of opportunity to escape our normal surroundings for a night and a day before Thanksgiving and instead of letting it slip away we seized the day, carpe diem and ran off to Chattanooga, TN. Spontaneous trips used to be a little difficult for us when we had Dante around so this was a much needed get away. We'd like to thank the Sheraton Read House for upgrading us to our lovely and spacious suite.
We had a nice stroll down by the river before dinner at Cheeburger Cheeburger (thanks Dan for the recommendation).
Then we spent the next day at the Creative Discovery Museum. And Tim & I think this may be our favorite children's museum thus far. And we've been to quite a few. The kids loved it and we must confess that so did we. So much to do and learn. Tim was inspired by the art section and I was inspired by the green roof they had. The kids were inspired...well...by everything I think.
To quote Jadyn "This is(was) the BEST family day ever!" (but aren't they all)

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