Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ash Wednesday

Last night we feasted at Copeland's: crawfish etouffee, crab and corn bisque, cheesecake, and lots of beads were involved.
Today we reflect. We've decided for Lent this year to do a family "spending fast". Yep, Monday through Saturday absolutely no spending money, until Easter. (unless the car runs out of gas, or eggs are needed for cooking =) Then we're going to find a special use for the money that we save in the next 46 days. Hopefully we won't go wild every Sunday when we break our fast for the Sabbath day.
It has been great the last few years incorporating some of the liturgical holidays into our evangelical system. I think this year will teach us a lot.
I read a blog post today that quoted St Augustine and I think is going to be my meditation this lenten season.
"May I know You, who know me."
The rain is falling, thundering crashing outside, I'm cozy on the sofa. It's a perfect day for reflection and meditation. Will keep you posted as we get ready for Easter.

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