Wednesday, September 12, 2012

And then there were five...

Plus a dog of course. And the dog should not be discounted since I believe the dog is having the hardest time transitioning to our new status of "family of five" and thus making it extra difficult on the rest of us. Just ask Jadyn's hairbrush, Isaiah's cup, and Papa Jim's sunglasses which have all met their demise at the teeth of Sherlock along with countless other items since the arrival of Imogen Marielle.

And we're back to the point of this post...Imogen.

The back story you ask? Christmas Eve 2011, the test has a plus sign. Despite us having decided that a family of four was just right. Despite the fact that we had just finished donating all our baby stuff (crib excepting). Despite the fact that adding a new member to the family meant a HUGE wrench in our over-all timeline (you know, since we have control over that sort of thing). And still, there it was, that plus sign. Deep breaths and lots of "but Lord".

Fast forward to now (we'll skip all the fun details of morning sickness, a car accident resulting in a totaled vehicle, pre-term labor, etc.) and this beautiful little person has entered our lives. Imogen Marielle. Despite my attempts to pretend all of this wasn't happening (for a very long time), and despite my total lack of enthusiasm, she came.

And now I'm home (this is Briahnna of course), with time (in between feedings and rockings and cleaning and loving two other children plus a maybe not that much time) to re-evaluate. To take a step back and consider what this means for our family, for myself. This seeming disruption in my timeline may be my redemption. Maybe this timeline is the one that leads to the world becoming better instead of leading to destruction (can you tell I'm a sci-fi fan?...any Fringe watchers out there?)

I do believe that things happen with purpose and I'm hoping during these next few weeks of maternity leave I'll have time to really explore that. Maybe it's as easy as Imogen is going to do something amazing and my job is to love her in preparation for that.

In any case, I also plan to revive this website since it has been growing cobwebs for awhile now, thanks for listening and please join me in welcoming the newest miracle on earth....Imogen ("Immy" for short).


  1. I love her already!! I so want to see her!

  2. Just think how many more kisses you'll get now (at least an additional trillion, according to Gabriel's math). I'm happy you are happy with your newest addition. love and love and love...