Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Proposal (30/30)

Most likely you have to be from California to recognize the reference to the Getty. It is an art museum that opened while Briahnna and I used to live in SoCal and it probably is one of the most beautiful places in the world (especially on a clear day).

It was getting close to our first year anniversary and I was ready to pop the question. In fact...I had been feverishly working on my special project.  I had the ring (an english poesy ring that Katy was so kind enough to drop a hint) and a carved wood box with about 100 slips of paper of all the things I loved about B written on them. The ring was to be nestled in the middle of all the rolled up pieces of paper (they looked like little scrolls).

I even knew I wanted to do it at the Getty (but had not picked out my spot yet).

What I did not plan for was our actual one year anniversary.We were going out that night and on my way home from work...I picked up a card, some flowers and a bottle of ginger ale (because I had drank all of hers the night before). I must admit that looking was a pretty boneheaded move. Imagine my surprise when she pulls out a journal where she chronicled the past year with little vignettes and special moments we had together. I was beautiful. I on the other hand felt like a heel. I knew that in just a few short days...I would be asking Briahnna to marry me but for that moment...I had to live through the disappointment I caused.

At least I picked out a cool restaurant. It was a little place called Bahooka in Rosemead next to where my parents used to live when they were first married. It was always a place where my family celebrated big occasions so I was carrying the torch.

After getting past the initial hurt feelings...dinner was excellent and I was ready to finish out my plan.

A few days later I had my friend Jeff drive me to the Getty and I picked out the perfect spot to propose (see the 1st picture in the post). It had a view of the gardens and Santa Monica beach (see 2nd picture in post).

Jeff later helped me surprise her by dropping me off at her work (UCLA) and I used her car to drive over to the Getty. We made it up to the balcony area and I knelt down on one knee and asked her to marry me (probably in front of some Chinese tourists). She said yes...and the rest is really history.

I know this is my 30th post...but there are so many more things I could write about Briahnna, us, and our family. When you take all the little moments that happen and piece them all together you get a really extraordinary thing (a life). It has been an unbelievable pleasure to be a part of B's life for nearly a decade. I know there will be many more memories in store for us.

This is for you my darling. Happy 33rd Birthday! I love you immensely.

Your Tim

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