Friday, June 1, 2012

Morning Person (12/30)

It is funny that I am writing this post on a day that Briahnna is working the day shift (working a double) and actually got up earlier than I did...but here it goes anyways.

Normally, Briahnna is not a morning person.

We do not have your typical schedules...and because we work opposite schedules (I work days and Briahnna works the evenings) we don't have to have any childcare.

So when you add up the time that we are actually together...B and is not a whole lot. We have to make our time together count and with everything that we have to do it can be a challenge. The truth is that Briahnna gets the short end of the stick. She has had to work every Friday night for the past four years. Because I have a staff meeting after school every Tuesday...B chose to take her days off on Tuesday and Wednesday. This creates a problem with schedules and routines coupled with her working every other weekend. I know it gets confusing to try and plan anything with our friends.

We thought that there was a light at the end of the tunnel because Isaiah will be turning 3 this September and we could think about what B was going to do when the kids became school age. Now that numero tres is coming...the clock has started over.  I think it has taken some time to make an adjustment mentally to what this will mean for our family.

All I know is that Briahnna is a rockstar for continuing with our schedule the way that it is...she cares about our family and we all have become stronger for it.

Oh Briahnna is not a morning person. Definitely a night owl...I am fast asleep by the time she is starting to get tired. Me on the other to get up early and enjoy the stillness of the morning. Suffice it to say...our schedule is not for everyone but I am happy to be on such a great team with my wife.

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