Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Third of the Way There

(this title is in homage to my Dad who used to say that to us on every road trip if we ever asked "are we almost there?")

Day 8- Houseplants

When we rented our little home in Altadena, CA one of the things I cherished was having a gardener. I've never had much of a green thumb (that's Tim's specialty). When we bought our home here in GA we decided that we would do the yard, lawn, plant, etc maintenance ourselves to save money. It has been quite the learning curve and I have learned to truly love our outdoors but I think it is still Tim's forte. BUT, the indoors are all mine. Thanks to inspirations from the Botan and Lowes clearance section our house is now it's own mini "garden". It helps the air and it helps my soul. I've had some casualties as I've learned what likes to live in my house and what doesn't but here is a snapshot of what's thriving today.

Day 9- Geek Friends for my Husband

Hopefully this will not be taken the wrong way but I am SO thankful for men in my husbands life that he can just "geek out" with. Geek here is being defined as "A person with an eccentric devotion to a particular interest". You'll be hearing more about this amazing man in my life in the days to come but today I am thankful for the people in his life that help him obsess on his passions. Some examples of this are music with Marco and Naveen (although they may refer to themselves as music snobs instead of geeks), sports with Scott, technology with Micky, and politics and theology with Lee (though it's been awhile) to name a few. You men make my "geeky" husband happy and that makes me happy.

Day 10- Self-indulgent day

So if you've been following these posts since the beginning of November you know I'm trying to find things every day that I wouldn't normally think of first when "counting my blessings". But I figure every tenth day I can just let loose. So here goes

Tim (duh), Jadyn, Isaiah, Imogen, my parents and siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins and all other family, friends that are like family, making new friends, sunshine, fall smells and colors and tastes, naps, music but especially with a good drum beat or handclap, a good cry, a shower all by myself that is uninterrupted, my sofa, salted caramel mochas, my yellow front door, vacations, the new unplugged venue at church, ice cream, pictures, connecting with people, letters in the mail and packages, my job, my education, books, pancakes, my baby's new laugh, other cultures, our map of the world, fires in the fireplace, hot chocolate, crisp mornings, an open field, chicken biscuits from Mountain Biscuit, camping, our cars, scripture, gourds of all colors, the artwork in my home, back rubs, health (mental and physical), pants that fit just right, incredible wealth, people I want to end up like (Miss Tricia), my phone, household conveniences like my washer and dryer and dishwasher, the wildlife in our backyard, routine, serving others with my family, the crazy things my kids say, really liking the person I'm married to, where I live, where I've come from.

OK, I better stop there so there will be more for days 20 and 30 but how's that for stream of consciousness. I just had to get it out of my system.

And I leave you with an update of our thankfulness tree.

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