Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Unexpected, Diversity & Storms

Day 5- Unexpected Major Life Changes
I wrote a few blog posts ago here about how Imogen came to be a part of our family.
Often when I would casually mention to people that the pregnancy was an unexpected one they would launch into their own stories of unexpected children and how they were the "biggest blessing".  I would listen graciously and then turn away and roll my eyes because of course that's what people have to tell you when you're lamenting to them about the seeming wrench in what you thought was your life plan. BUT I have to concede, despite how cliche they all sounded (and I now sound), that they were right. I am SO thankful for this little girl.
I prayed hard before she joined our family that God knew what He was doing because I was sure that He did not. Even this early on in Imogen's life God is showing me that He does know what He's doing and what a gift He has given me in her. For example. she gives me this face not only once a day but hundreds of times a day and has been since day two.
Seriously, can you stand it???

(I am not exaggerating, she has been "real smiling" since her first week of life. By the third child you can tell a real smile from those gas smiles.) She sleeps like a dream for us and looks like an angel while doing it. She is goofy and fun and beautiful with her wild hair and grey eyes (for now).
My heart is over full with aching love once again and so I give thanks that the unexpected is possible despite my Type A personality planning and attempts at total control over this life of mine.

Day 6- Diversity In The People In My Life
Be it friends, co-workers, family or just people I run into frequently I appreciate and give thanks for the diversity. There is diversity of thought, background, ideas and ways of living. If I had my way I would be surrounded by people who looked at life like I did and lived like I did but how would I learn, grow or be stretched without different kinds of people around me to inspire me, challenge the way I think or just give me a different perspective. It is often hard for me to give thanks and appreciate this, but today especially (election day) I choose to give thanks for the differences.

Day 7- Storms
I am not talking about metaphorical "storms in our lives" and definitely not about "super storms". Hurricane Sandy has just ravaged the east coast like many other hurricanes have done to other areas before it. These storms I do not give thanks for.
I am talking about storms like the beautiful rainstorm we had today with the sudden downpours and smatterings of thunder and lightening. I am like a giddy little school girl when we have rain, thunder and lightening (or even a little hail). I tend to squeal a bit (ask my co-workers). Perhaps it comes from a life lived in southern California where thunder and lightening are akin to unicorns, practically mythical creatures. I just love the raw power of a mild storm and how it generally refreshes things, helps keep things growing and sends a little thrill throughout me. It's been a little over four years now and that thrill hasn't worn off and I'm hoping it never does.

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