Thursday, November 22, 2012

Confession Time

So I did not write this post today. I actually had the forethought to write it before we left on our trip knowing full well there was no way that I was going to be able to blog while on vacation and also knowing that I did not want to get too far behind as we finish out this month of Thankfulness. Go ahead, you can be impressed with me. I know I am.

Day 19- Consumerism
Since this is part of confession time, I have to admit I am really thankful for Target, the Mall (any one will do really), and shopping in general. I have a love/hate relationship with spending money that mostly comes from my inner struggles of what constitutes a real need and what is the most responsible way that need can be met. That being said I am a sucker for a great deal (not just a good deal mind you). I even like to window shop and "just look" a lot of the time. And as many other women (and some men I would guess) could attest to, there is something truly cathartic about shopping. I give thanks for the healing it brings during a tough week and for the jobs it provides.

Day 20- Another Stream (remember every 10 days I get to stop being Thankful for the hard things and just let loose)
Jadyn's artwork, Imogen's face when she sleeps, Imogen's face when she laughs, Isaiah's kisses (if you haven't had one you need to try it), backrubs from Tim, oversized hooded sweatshirts(usually Tim's), milkshakes with chunks of candy bars in them, Isaiah singing, a fresh haircut, health of myself, Tim and our children, electricity, freedom, egg nog, a good sitcom or drama on TV, rom-coms, being comfortable enough around someone to say most of what's on my mind, thoughtful and heartfelt gifts, dinners with neighbors, a full calendar, a not-so-full calendar, that I'm old enough to have nephews and nieces, friends who feel like family, our refrigerator magnet collection, clean water, pajamas, time away from home with family...more on the 30th

Day 21- Starbucks
I really should curse them since they end up with more of my money than I'd like. BUT, it does make my heart so happy when I get to drink a salted caramel mocha OR an egg nog latte OR a caramel apple cider OR....OK the list could truly go on and on. I know I shouldn't spend as much of our hard earned cash on such a trifle but I am thankful that I get to, especially during the wintry season when a delicious hot drink can change a day from hopeless to full of possibilities.

Day 22- Grocery Baggers & Checkers
Happy Thanksgiving!
I'm not sure if I just didn't pay attention before or if it is just different here in Georgia but my grocery shopping experiences are often the most pleasant experiences of my week. At the Publix grocery store right next to our house many of the checkers and baggers there know my family and I. They have seen Isaiah grow up and Imogen come into this world and they ask how the kids are doing. They notice when I change my hair color and they always ask if they can help me out to the car. And sometimes I let them. I understand that a lot of that they are required to do for the job, but it doesn't feel that way which means they are very good at what they do. When we first moved here it would drive me crazy how much small talk occured in the check out line but it has slowly become one of my favorite things.

We are having a blast on our trip. Hopefully you've been able to see some of the pics on Facebook. Wishing you all a Thanksgiving that fills your hearts with gladness and your bellies with goodness!

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