Sunday, May 20, 2012

30 Days of Briahnna (Day One)

So today is exactly 30 days from Briahnna's 33rd birthday (sorry's out of the bag). This year I have decided to start my gift a little early and attempt something that seems like a rite of passage for some bloggers. The 30 days of...(fill in the blank) series.

The next thirty days (up until B's big day) I will be blogging about her. This really is not hard to do...I feel  like I have lots of wonderful things to say about my amazing wife...the mother of my two children and soon to be third child! Whhhaaaaat!?! (Said with Shawn and Gus emphasis)

Let's start at the beginning shall we?

The day I first met B. You may have heard the story before. I was going to see my roommate's band (Misc. X) play at a club "the Garage" in Silverlake, CA (really hip part of Los Angeles - Beck lives(ed) there you know). I came with my other roommates who also happened to be in a band at the time (my band Paloma). Briahnna was with her roommates (one of who was dating the guitar player of Misc. X - my roommate). Are you following? The place was an absolute dive and there were rumors of weed being available via the sound guy...of course I didn't! Anyways...I spied her amidst her friends and they were talking about her interview at UCLA for a nursing position. She was very positive that she got the job and was in a celebratory mood. Besides just because gorgeous...she was filled with self-confidence and a sense of purpose. Someone who knew where they were going. We struck up a conversation at the end of the night and I told her that I worked with children with special needs as a one-on-one therapist. She told me about her half-brother who was autistic.

It was one of those the time everyone was ready to leave...we were still talking. I left the club and could not stop thinking about her. I totally remember...being totally consumed with wanting to know everything about her (her likes/dislikes) and I made it my mission to find out. I know our friends made fun  of us that night but I felt not embarrassment.  I knew I had found someone special...turns out very special indeed.