Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cake Pops (Day 2/30)

Okay...pay no attention to the boy who has his arm around my daughter...not the focus of this post. The cake pops are (or more specifically...ice cream cone cake pops).  I was reminded of something today when Briahnna dropped them off...

B doesn't do things half-way. If we are going to bring special treats for Jadyn's unbirthday party at school...then we are going BRING them. :) Yeah...it was Jadyn's idea but this is one of the things that I love about my wife...she is not afraid to try something difficult. We like to say we are a little "risky".

I believe it was before we were actually married but I remember sitting with her as she did some health risk assessment. Something like...do you engage in "risky" behavior and they gave a bunch of different examples... To our surprise we were both labeled as risky. I would like to think that "risky" is the same attribute that allowed Briahnna to be convinced to move across the country to Georgia...or to get a tattoo that really meant something to her "de profundis"...or to get a dog right before the birth of our third child. Nevertheless...I was reminded that I value B's risk taking adventurous self...because after all...life is a grand adventure.

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