Monday, May 28, 2012

Boxing Day (8/30)

One of my favorite moments at out wedding. was staged but the sentiment sticks with me to this day.  You have to  be willing to lose. Sometimes even lose badly. have to be willing to fight. I am not good as this...the losing or the fighting really.

Briahnna is a born fighter. But not in sinister the best way. A prize fighter way. It goes along with her commitment for excellence I believe. She fights for what she believes our marriage. When things get a little stagnant and we have not connected in a while. She fights for us. Another lesson that I need to learn. I am very much a status quo kinda takes considerable energy to fight and I often let it go for too long.

As far as this picture goes...our photographer (Jerry - loved that guy) wanted to set this photo up. I thought it was brilliant. I love that our wedding party is behind us cheering us on...cause we can't do it have to have support. Thank God that we have had it and I pray we will continue to have it.

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