Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rivals (3/30)

Some of you may know that B and I went to rival universities.

Out of all the rivalries...I suppose it is pretty tame (except if you are talking about Basketball). Briahnna attended Biola Univeristy in La Mirada, CA a private Christian liberal arts college and was enrolled in the Torrey Honors Institute (which would take a whole blog post to describe). Basically...the smart kids. I went to Azusa Pacific University and according to Biolans the among the heathens of Christian college students (you know all of our loose theology). :)

The reason I bring this up is because I am the first to admit I married up. :) In might actually cause me to live longer. Having similar college experiences has been important for our relationship since the way we interact with knowledge and truth informs us when we are working something out in our own faith journey. B is a constant inspiration as we try to follow the heart of God and love people like He loves us. The last couple years especially.

I should be more intentional...I should be more of the spiritual leader in the house...I should be more present with our family. Briahnna encourages me to be the man she knows that I can be. goes with marrying a smart women. The man that I am reflects the support that I receive at home from Briahnna.

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