Friday, May 25, 2012

Pinning Ceremony (5/30)

Briahnna might be the best nurse ever...

No seriously. Not even joking.

Everywhere she has worked...and I have been there since the beginning...has given her accolades, awards, raises and of course more responsibility.

I am proud to say that I was able to see her pinning ceremony at BIOLA (enemy territory - see 3/30 post) and subsequently see her receive her VW Golf at the same time. She literally was floored...I think I have a picture. But she absolutely deserved it...just like she deserves to be esteemed everywhere she has worked.

At her current position...she has created special projects, helping with the facility's nursing blog and is always getting called in to take more shifts. She manages people very well (something I admire very much about her)...which is why they keep talking to her about future management opportunities. Of course she doesn't want it because she likes to be in the thick of things and not lose touch with the patients.

As with teaching...nursing is collaborative and a practice and you have to like people (or you should). I am glad that B continues to love her job and not only use it as part of her ministry but that she can be such an example of excellence to others (and to me).

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